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  • Strong 11a to high speed 300Mbps · radio interference, in the simultaneous connection of a lot of corresponding equipment 11g, AV equipment, game machines, personal computer Any comfortable wireless LAN

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Strong 11a to high speed 300Mbps · radio interference, in the simultaneous connection of a lot of corresponding equipment 11g, AV equipment, game machines, personal computer Any comfortable wireless LAN


Such as equipment to transfer large amounts of data of the video and music AV equipment, high-speed 300Mbs (standard value) by 11n connected by a strong 11a to-radio interference, such as game consoles and personal computers connected in 11g of 54Mbps (standard value). You can comfortably connect with the simultaneous use of no switching. In addition, by switching the mode, it is possible to use the connection of the high-speed 300Mbps in 11g standard ※.

※ If you choose to 300Mbps mode of 11g, 11a connection can not be used.

Choose the connection method according to the ■ your environment

in (1) 11a / n (300M ) & 11g (54M) mode, 11g (11n corresponding) 300Mbps communication from the handset 
(2) 11a / n the handset and at 11g / n the handset simultaneous 300Mbps communication

Because even if you are using the 11a connection can connect 11g corresponding game machines and personal computers, without having to worry about the difference of the wireless LAN standard, you can use the wireless LAN.

Wireless LAN high-speed 300Mbps (standard value), high-speed wireless LAN "11n" of strong obstacles "Light Hi-Vision" era formal correspondence

"11n" official correspondence, further improving the compatibility

draft11nHigh-performance MIMO receiving antenna three

11n and is a high-speed standard of the wireless LAN. Using the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, by performing transmission / reception on multiple antennas, providing high speed and stabilization.

※ communication in 11n mode, you need to correspond to the wireless LAN base unit and wireless LAN cordless handset both.

[High-speed] about 2 times faster in the wireless LAN "speed mode"! Realize the wireless LAN high-speed 300Mbps (standard value)

Correspond to the revision of the Radio Law in June 2007, equipped with a function to accelerate "speed mode" the conventional doubled wireless LAN using two channels (communication band). To achieve the standard on the 300Mbps.

※ The revision of the Radio Law, is that of some revision of the Radio Law Enforcement Regulations.

※ If you want to use in the 300Mbps (standard value), it must be corresponding to the wireless LAN base unit and a wireless LAN terminal both.

Figure Law after the bandwidth 40MHz (20MHz × 2)

Simultaneous transmission, received at three in the [strong an obstacle] two antennas! Irregularly reflected radio waves (multi-path) is also utilized for communication

adopts "MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)" technology of 11n. The antenna "three" mounted at the same time use the two antennas at the time of transmission, at the time of reception by using three antennas, it can be powerful communication. In addition, the signal itself to be transmitted will also be sent out in an optimized state for high-speed transfer (burst transfer).

In addition, the technology that can be used many generated reflected wave to the (multi-path) is also actively communication indoors, you can have a more stable communication even in the obstacle is often the environment.

※ reflected wave is that of radio waves reflected by the obstacles such as walls and furniture. Since the signal than the direct wave is reflected wave is degraded, in the conventional 11g / 11b wireless LAN, the reflected wave will be communication aggravating factor.

Synthesized and received by three antennas.  Indoors, the reflected wave by the obstacle (multi-path) there are a large number.

Ideal for obstruction is often one detached Mansion! Furthermore lead faster than W high-power!

■ wooden two-story example

Wooden two-story example

[Measurement environment] NFINITI: WZR-AGL300NH & WLI-UC-AG300N, high-power type: WHR-HP-AMPG & WLI-CB-AMG54HP, PC1: Dell Dimention Celeron 2.4GHz, PC2: Toshiba Dynabook SatelliteJ40 170L / 5

[Measuring method] wireless AP to PC1 wired, PC2 is connected wirelessly. Iperf Ver.1.70 10 seconds transferred by the communication speed between the PC1 → PC2 TCP. WindowsSize 128K, 5 measurements to calculate the average of three times with the exception of maximum / minimum. (2007/8 now, our research)

It can be mixed using the wireless LAN encryption level "AES" "TKIP" "WEP" "multi-security" featured


" AOSS by simply pressing the" button, equipped with an automatic setting to "multi-security" features the encryption of the highest level of encryption equipment to be connected to corresponding. AES, TKIP, available with peace of mind without having to worry about the mixed use is possible encryption level of the three security scheme of WEP.

※ part of the wireless LAN terminal, you may need to change settings.

It can be mixed using the wireless LAN encryption level  

So that can not be accessed from WEP connection cordless handset to AES / TKIP connection cordless handset possible restriction

AES / from a lower security level WEP connection cordless handset compared to TKIP, it is possible to carry out limited by the inaccessible so WEB setting screen on the AES / TKIP connection child machine  . More at ease, you will be able to enjoy the Internet.

※ corresponding only router mode.

Limit from WEP connection child device to prevent access to the AES / TKIP connection cordless handset can also be

Peace of mind of security, also supports strong encryption method "WPA2"


WPA2 A, industry group Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless LAN was announced in September 2004, is a more powerful wireless LAN security standards. Has a WPA compatible with the conventional standard, it has standardized the wireless LAN encryption method "AES". Because it does not exist, deciphering technique at the moment, you will be able to a wireless LAN communication at ease. Since more powerful than conventional encryption method, when use is recommended that you use in the "AES" method.

Also in conventional wireless LAN security standard "WPA-PSK (TKIP / AES)" supports.

It corresponds to encryption of the conventional method


"TKIP (tea ticket)" and also supports encryption scheme of the conventional method, such as "WEP (64 / 128bit)". You can choose the appropriate method depending on the combination of your equipment.

Wireless LAN built-in personal computer is also a games machine one-touch connection with AOSS ™ button

Nintendo DS®, Wii®, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), game machine such as a PLAYSTATION®3 HDD 60GB, of course, that can be easily wireless LAN connection and equipment to the wireless LAN built-in personal computer and printer, and the like already AOSS are mounted of that, the future, because it also supports will be installed in a variety of personal computer and AV equipment WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), can be used with confidence in the future.

※ Nintendo DS and Wii are trademarks of Nintendo. 
※ "PlayStation", "PLAYSTATION" and "PSP" are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment. 
※ regard to how to connect the AOSS, please refer to each product documentation.

AOSS or wireless built-in personal computer

Wireless LAN built-in laptop  wireless LAN settings You can use the easy one-push configuration "AOSS".

※ There is no guarantee the operation in all of the wireless LAN built-in notebook computer. PC was confirmed the operation at our company is " corresponding verified personal computer can be found at".

Easy connection and setting simply by pressing! Corresponding to the "AOSS" & "WPS push-button" of


Wireless connection also corresponds to the push-button that automatically performed by simply pressing the security settings also "setting button". Buffalo of the "AOSS" In addition, it is possible to also correspond to the latest "WPS push-button", to connect to a wide range of compatible products.

※ "WPS", the corresponding only Windows Vista / XP.

One-touch connectionPoint1: with one push "lead"
the push of a button on the wireless LAN terminal and the wireless LAN base unit. Do not enter the input of the complicated settings.

※ is mounted on a wireless LAN base unit "set button" is, "AOSS", is a common "WPS push-button".

※ In order to carry out the settings in the one-push, the wireless LAN terminal to connect the "AOSS" or, you must correspond to the "WPS push-button".

Point2: "peace of mind security" with one push
to re-set automatically the best encryption system to match the client's security features to add. 

Use in the "AOSS" security: 64bit · 128bitWEP, TKIP, AES

Corresponding to the latest wireless LAN simple setting system "WPS"

The "WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)", Wi-Fi Alliance industry group has been established, is an industry standard wireless LAN simple setting method. To "WPS" is, there are two types of push-button and PIN code expression, this product is compatible with both systems. You can also easily set between different manufacturers.

AOSS, WPS- push-button · WPS-PIN code expressions

※ WPS-PIN code expression, using the Client Manager V or OS standard built-in function, support only Windows Vista / XP.

※ to make the settings in the WPS, you need to correspond to the wireless LAN base unit and wireless LAN terminal both WPS.

iPhone / iPad / iPod operation confirmed in touch. Wi-Fi in the high-speed communication

This product, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, confirmed operation in the iPod touch. Connection to the Internet using a high-speed communication using Wi-Fi can be done comfortably.

※ iPhone, iPod, iTunes is a trademark or a registered trademark of the United States and other countries Apple Inc..

※ iPhone trademark is used under license from Aiphone Corporation.

※ The information contained in this site is an independent site, Apple Inc. is authorized, sponsored, it does not have other approval.

Wired LAN transfer rate 1000Mbps, the "Giga switching Hub" with

Equipped to have a wired LAN port - To all (LAN side switching Hub 4 port & WAN side 1 port) corresponds to the Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T).

It was not possible with conventional wireless LAN base unit, newly correspond to the 1000BASE-T connection with the Giga port equipped PC or NAS (LAN connection HDD) TeraStation / LinkStation. To achieve a high-speed network environment of wireless LAN & wired LAN to smart.

Gigabit transfer rate of Ethernet (1000BASE-T) is 10 times the 100BASE-TX

Gigabit LAN1000BASE-T100BASE-TX 10BASE-TWired 4-portAUTOMDIX

Gigabit speed of Ethernet "1000BASE-T" is 10 times that of conventional general wired LAN standard "100BASE-TX". A 1000BASE-T-compatible PC or network connection equipment to mount the wired LAN port (NAS, etc.) also has appeared one after another.

■ standard communication speed comparison (standard value)

Standard communication speed comparison view

In addition, both the equipment of both standards of the existing 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T can be connected (communication speed is limited to the upper limit value of each of the standard).

Each port supports the cross / straight-through cable to an automatic recognize AUTO-MDIX.

In Jumbo Frame support, it allows high-speed transfer by taking advantage of Gigabit

Jumbo frame

By increasing the transmission unit of Ethernet, improving the transfer efficiency on the network corresponds to the "JumboFrame". Gigabit Pull out the high-speed performance of.

※ frame length: maximum 16,000Bytes, wire rate: 9,216Bytes (including header + FCS). 
※ To use the Jumbo Frame is, all of the switching Hub of the personal computer to communicate with the (LAN adapter) that network, you need to correspond to the Jumbo Frame.

Internet connection is also comfortable in a high-speed router equipped to take advantage of the performance of the optical line


Also it supports high-speed communication in the optical line. In addition ADSL, you can comfortably enjoy the Internet in the CATV, such as a wide range of line. Familiar with the correspondence, internet access correspondence table please visit.

FTP throughput About 127Mbps 
PPPoE throughput About 92Mbps 

FTP server (Red Hat Linux9, Xeon 3.2GHz, 2048MB) and a client (Windows XP, Pentium M 1.7GHz, 512MB) while the connection with WZR-AGL300NH a. Measuring the transfer of about 200MB file the IP masquerade function in the state of ON. PPPoE throughput, measuring the effective speed by installing the PPPoE server on the WAN side of the environment. (April 2008 currently, our research) 
measured by ※ initial setting. Effective throughput value is dependent on the environment.

Corresponding to the network map "LLTD" which can check the connection status in Windows Vista®

The Windows Vista®, network map (LLTD) the connection status of PCs and wireless LAN can visually grasp capabilities are installed. It will be able to easily understand the connection status of the device (such as a PC / router / printer) in the network map. It can also be used to cause analysis of the failure.

Network map (LLTD)

※ LLTD-enabled devices (such as PC / router / printer) 
display the connection status of the

Anyone simple setting, also safe security

Peace of mind for the first time, even! Easy configuration tool "air navigator" (for Windows)

From simple configuration tool "air navigator" to install the PC driver attached to the set of wireless LAN base unit, gently navigate the procedure. You can easily set without hesitation, even beginners.

Of the necessary software installation also completed automatically!

Are summarized in one useful function to the wireless LAN user "client manager" attached (for Windows)

Attach a wireless LAN connection software "Client Manager 3". In addition to a personal computer you have increased the Buffalo wireless LAN terminal, you can also use a wireless LAN built-in personal computer (※). In addition, corresponding to the Windows Vista® "client manager V" is also attached. And peace of mind to a wide range of customers available.

Features of "Client Manager 3"] 1. You can set one-touch wireless LAN setting "AOSS"

2. equipped with a network profile save function
connection information set once can be saved to a "profile". From the next time you can use without the hassle of re-setting. In addition, IP address and proxy settings can also be automatically switched.

※ There is no guarantee the operation in all of the wireless LAN built-in notebook computer. PC was confirmed the operation at our company is "corresponding verified personal computer can be found at".

>> "Client Manager 3" to detail

No hassle if Client Manager 3!

Intuitively easy to operate "WEB Advanced Settings screen"

WEB Advanced screen

Intuitively adopt a tab structure to make it easier to understand the various settings where. Further settings to the left side of the screen, the right place to help the surface. Since it is possible to see Help for the various settings, you can make easily set.

It can also be used as a bridge in the router OFF

Router ON / OFF switching switchRouter or bridge

Already or was you have a broadband router, for example, if you are equipped with a router function to the ADSL modem, according to your broadband line, the bottom of the unit to "switch" to be easily switched manually bridge mode and router mode of the air station It mounted on. Troublesome Web screen configuration is required.

※ various functions related to the router will also be OFF

Connected to the net just plug the cable OK "Internet @ Start"

Internet at start

Safe even better to use for the first time a wireless LAN, the Internet connection is not hesitate even for the first time, "Internet @ Start" featured!

It will clearly guide the connection of the air station and the broadband line. For conventional products, "calling the setting screen" it was easy Hazuki wife step is omitted, no longer is possible to get lost on the way.

[1] wireless LAN base unit and the "line equipment (ADSL modem, FTTH media converter, etc.)" to connect a LAN cable.

[2] wireless LAN base unit that the "PC", to start the browser When you are ready to communicate with the wireless LAN simple setting AOSS.

※ Yahoo! BB, the case of CATV. Settings screen in the case of FLET and FTTH is automatically pop-up. Set only need to enter the necessary items completed.

Internet @ Start image  

Prevent radio interference caused by the overlapping of the wireless LAN channel, radio congestion prevention function

Auto Search an empty channelRadio congestion prevention function

Influence on the speed of the wireless LAN "radio interference". Long-awaited high-speed 11g does not pull out satisfactory performance is not interfere with elsewhere in the wireless LAN. 
Setting radio congestion prevention function retrieves the channels that are available in automatic. You can breeze high-speed communication.

Comfortable with automatic switchingIf there is a radio wave congestion prevention function scans all channels automatically at AOSS / WPS setup or power ON, because it is automatically set to the vacant channel, you can use comfortably without the hassle.

SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) function


To check the integrity of the packet for each communication session, since at the end of the session close all ports, is a high-level packet filtering, which can also be prevented, such as "spoofing".

VPN multi-pass-through function

Corresponding to the VPN to realize the encrypted communication and tunneling function by IPSec and PPTP, to achieve high-security access to the corporate server from home or the Internet radio spot. By further multi-pass-through support, it is possible to use multiple VPN sessions.

※ VPN multi-pass-through, as it is passing (pass-through) is to function the communication data that has been encrypted by the VPN, encryption processing (VPN reduction) can not be.

Precise control over the doorway of the data "dynamic packet filtering" function

Dynamic packet filtering

Port open only port when required for each session, and when not needed to block unauthorized access by closing the port.

High functionality of heavy users is also convinced that you want mastering the wireless BB router

WMM (WiFi Multimedia) corresponding to the video / audio streaming can be without stress comfortable communication

Wireless QoS features to prioritize data on the wireless network corresponding to the "WMM (WiFi Multimedia)". To achieve a comfortable communication stress-free at the time of streaming such as video / audio.

※ only compatible wireless LAN base unit

DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone)

Such as network games and stream playback applications, you can use the software you want to use a wide range of port.

Network function of enhancement

Enjoy communication tools such as various messenger "UPnP" correspondence

Corresponding to standard UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) for connecting peripheral devices such as through a network. It can be used by a plurality of PC and Windows Messenger. Support such as voice and video chat whiteboard the Windows Messenger & NetMeeting.

DHCP server / client function

Automatically assign function the necessary information (such as the gateway address and DNS address) to the client to which you are connected. In addition to network management becomes easier, if the other there is a DHCP server can also be set as a DHCP client.

Dynamic IP masquerading

Mounting the IP masquerade function of converting a single global IP address to a plurality of private IP addresses.

Static masquerading

Only for a single PC on the LAN side, you can communicate individually and WAN side. Online game is an essential function in the application take advantage of the communication in both directions is required, such as.

IP Unnumbered function

Without using the IP masquerade function, function to allocate a direct global IP address to each computer on the LAN side. Using the services that can be obtained a plurality of fixed global IP, you can build a Web server or mail server. It does not have the IP address to the ※ WAN side

MAC address configuration corresponding to a CATV service required, MAC address change function

In the part of the CATV Internet service, you use the MAC address record type of cable modem. By the MAC address change function of the wireless LAN base unit, you can connect without having to change the settings of the cable modem side.

FLET'S IPv6 support - bis corresponding function (IPv6 pass-through) equipped

IPv6 pass-through

Various service using NTT East and NTT West of IPv6 - screw can be used IPv6 passthrough - equipped with a function. NTT, etc. can be used in the East FLET'S dot net and NTT West FLET · v6 application, can be used as a video phone and video-on-demand.





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